“Anticipated Decrease: Petrol and Diesel Prices Set to Fall in Pakistan Amid Global Oil Trends”

Petrol and diesel prices in Pakistan are anticipated to decrease in the upcoming review period, following a global decline in oil prices. Global market trends indicate a drop in petrol prices by $1.86 per barrel and diesel by $4.3 per barrel.

Consequently, consumers in Pakistan may witness a reduction of approximately Rs5 per liter in petrol prices and Rs7.85 per liter in diesel prices. This adjustment contrasts with the previous review, where petrol and diesel prices were raised by Rs4.53 and Rs8.14 per liter, respectively.

Currently, petrol is priced at Rs293.94 per liter, and High-Speed Diesel at Rs290.38 per liter. International oil prices have remained relatively stable, with Brent crude futures at $88.11 per barrel and U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude futures at $82.88 per barrel.

Factors contributing to the decline in fuel demand include slowing economic activity in the U.S. and concerns about escalating conflicts in key oil-producing regions. Despite unexpected drops in U.S. oil inventories, reduced fuel demand persists, impacting market sentiments and influencing price adjustments.

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