Impact of Severe Weather on Aviation Operations in the United Arab Emirates

Amidst the aftermath of a powerful storm in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai’s leading airlines, Emirates and flydubai, have resumed operations. The storm wreaked havoc, leading to numerous flight cancellations and delays, disrupting travel plans across the region. However, both airlines have swiftly restored their schedules, with Emirates providing accommodation and meal vouchers to stranded passengers.

Flydubai has resumed full flight operations from Terminals 2 and 3, signaling a return to normalcy. Despite the progress, the storm’s aftermath continues to pose challenges, particularly with lingering floods affecting transportation between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Additionally, Dubai International Airport faced significant disruptions, underscoring the vulnerability of aviation infrastructure to extreme weather events.

Experts attribute the increasing frequency of such weather phenomena to climate change, highlighting the urgent need for robust preparedness measures. As global temperatures rise, the likelihood of encountering more severe weather events rises, necessitating enhanced resilience in city infrastructure and aviation systems.

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