Assam’s flood crisis becomes worse and there are now 88 people dead.

With the addition of seven additional fatalities on Tuesday, the death toll from the flooding in Assam rose to 88, with an estimated 55.42 lakh people impacted across 32 of the state’s 34 districts.

The Army works around the clock to help the hurting people, alongside federal, state, and local disaster response organizations like the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF).

The seven fatalities were recorded from five districts, according to Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) officials. ASDMA authorities report that since April of this year, 71 people have died in floods and 17 more have died in landslides.

The floods have impacted around 55,42,053 individuals, including 13,01,232 children from 5,577 communities. In all, 825 relief distribution centers and 862 relief camps have been established in all the impacted regions.

Over 1,08,306 hectares of crops have been devastated, and there are currently 2,62,155 people living in relief camps. In numerous locations, the Brahmaputra and Kopili rivers’ water levels are over the danger threshold.

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